The Three Billion: The World Is Full Of People Even POORER Than Central Americans
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The Obama Administration announced today a plan to make it more convenient for “refugees” from Central America to win asylum in America without even first going through all the trouble of getting to America. Instead, they can take the bus down to the American consulate in their own countries and demand to be admitted there. This is, shall we say, precedent-setting.

But how many people in this world live in countries poorer on average than the Central American banana republics that are sending so many “refugees?”

The poorest Central American country is Nicaragua with a per capita GDP of $4,500 (compared to the U.S.’s $52,800). That’s poor, but according to the CIA World Factbook, another 2,823,051,216 people live in countries poorer than Nicaragua. Other Central American countries include:

Then there’s Honduras, with a per capita GDP of $4,800 (compared to the U.S.’s $52,800). Another 2,943,980,454 people live in poorer countries. Other Central American countries include:

  • Guatemala 3,231,368,451
  • El Salvador 3,552,798,437
  • Belize 3,562,049,018
  • Costa Rica 5,484,041,555
  • Panama 5,788,940,368
The total population of Central America (south of Mexico, north of South America) is 43,000,000.

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