The Star Spangled Banner...In Spanish?
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These people are shameless!

A group of Latino pop singer people ( not artists, ok) are releasing a Spanish version of the American national anthem "in a show of support for migrants in the United States." [Latino Pop Stars Record Bilingual Anthem AP News 4/22/06]

Just the latest in a long line of offensive, anti-American tactics, the illegal immigration lobby is releasing the record to coincide with the Senate hearings which are schedule to resume next Monday...and to make a little cash.

"The "Nuestro Himno" record will be sold for $10, with a portion going to Washington-based National Capital Immigration Coalition."

Why sing the Star Spangled Banner in a foreign language? They want to prove how American they are...seriously, that's what they said.

"We decided to re-record 'The Star-Spangled Banner' to show our solidarity with the undocumented migrants," said UBO President Adam Kidron. "Today we are Americans and 'The-Star Spangled Banner' represents everything to us."

(UBO is a Latin Record them here.)


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