The Senate:"An Impenetrable Wall Between Itself And The American People"
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A Certain Slant Of Light has an Open Letter To the House Of Representatives. I like this part, but Read The Whole Thing:
Ironic, isn’t it, that the United States Senate, which only begrudgingly passed an amendment to S-2611 to build just 370 miles of security fencing along our 2,000+ miles’ porous southern border with Mexico, has shown no reluctance whatsoever in building an impenetrable wall between itself and the American people? And isn’t it altogether indicative of a president whose plummeting job performance poll numbers underscore a sharp decline in credibility, that he plans to send National Guardsmen to the border for just a year and only to do road building, maintenance, and innocuous desk-jockey paper-pushing, for fear of upsetting the government of Mexico, all the while playing a shell game with $1.9 million billion in funding for hard assets for the U.S. Border Patrol and Coast Guard?
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