The Riots In France And The Powder Keg The US Is Sitting On
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In a new article by Frosty Wooldridge an essay I authored was mentioned: "Displaced Americans" was published in a 2006 pamphlet titled: "The Ethics of Immigration Policy".

The essay was very short because it had to fit into a pocket sized pamphlet, so it lacked detail. In this newsletter I will discuss in further detail a comparison of the situation that caused the riots in France with the powder keg that is just waiting to explode in the U.S.

In France, Muslims from Africa were imported for several generations by using a temporary guest worker program. These cheap laborers were in theory temporary, but in practice many of them stayed either legally or illegally. France gave most of the early guest workers citizenship and welcomed their families also. It was the French version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. BLECH!

The French government vowed to make sure that all of the immigrants that stayed permanently would go through assimilation programs, but for many of them that never happened. Due to budget cuts and indifference the French government didn't follow through on their promises, and the truth is that many of the Muslims had no intention of changing their loyalty to France. Instead of assimilating, the immigrant laborers were isolated into slums around major cities such as Paris. The population of angry Muslims began to swell.

In addition to the guest workers there was a growing flow of illegal immigrants from Arab countries into France. Unemployment rose most dramatically among the youngest age groups who were typically second or third generation French citizens. Muslim communities transformed into large populations of disenfranchised people who had no real stake in the success of the country and who grew desperately poor. It was a perfect formula for social unrest.[L’Intifada en Los Estados Unidos, The French riots and us, By Mark Krikorian]

The result: riots broke out in 2005. Sporadic violence has continued ever since. One of the main factors driving the civil unrest is youth unemployment, which surpassed the 20% level in 2005.

Hopefully the U.S. doesn't follow France's example, but if unemployment was a major factor in the riots in France then we had better prepare for the same thing here. That's because in the U.S. the unemployment rate of young American minorities is rising far above the levels that sparked violence in France. The situation has deteriorated considerably since I wrote that essay in 2006. To see just how dire the situation is, here are some quick stats from the BLS:

Non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rates vs. age range and year

group year 2006 2009 ——————————- blacks 16-19 33% 7% Hispanic 16-19 22% 43% all 16-19 5% 10%

blacks 20-24 17% 28% Hispanic 20-24 18% 28% all 20-24 9% 18%

blacks — African American Hispanic — Hispanic or Latino all — all race groups combined

Folks, look at the numbers and you will begin to understand why the U.S. is sitting on a powder keg! Our young people aren't getting jobs and that's a formula for unrest — and violence. In the years since 2006 the unemployment numbers have worsened. The situation is especially bad for blacks and Hispanics because they compete directly with illegal aliens for jobs. Comparing unemployment rates in France and the U.S. may be somewhat erroneous because the methodologies are probably quite different, but at some point the fuse to the bomb is going to ignite in the U.S. Rates of unemployment over 20% are a disaster waiting to happen. Even when whites are factored in the rates are hovering near 20%.

One thing you can count on is that when the riots break out the mainstream media will conclude that racism is the cause, not immigration. I'm using France to foretell our future of course, but consider this written by the Canadian TV in 2007:

Media accounts of the riots that spread across France in the fall of 2005 lay the blame squarely on a racist society that has marginalized the children and grandchildren of North African immigrants.[France riots Understanding the violence,CBC News, Last Updated Nov. 28, 2007]
The entire article is worth reading and it gets quite amusing when the delusional author explains that riots won't happen in Canada because they are so much smarter than France. LOL!

So, what is President Obama doing about this impending crisis?

This week the Obama administration has been working hard to roll back e-verify which is used to guarantee that employers hire those who are in the U.S. legally. All indications so far are that Obama and the globalists in Congress are hell-bent on passing amnesty, which will encourage even more immigration into the U.S. In other words, Obama is exacerbating a very dangerous situation! Stimulus money isn't going to help the problem unless we start demanding that all unskilled labor and entry level jobs go to our young people instead of immigrants and illegal aliens.

As the Boston Globe said:

It is ironic that at the same time that the nation was electing its first African-American president, it was displacing record numbers of black men from the ranks of the employed.[A job crisis for young black men, By Ron Marlow and Andrew Sum, Boston Globe, April 22, 2009]
That's quite a profound statement, but the authors avoid one of the most important reasons why so many young black men are unemployed. The Globe came up with the top four things to do in order to turn this worsening unemployment situation around and yet they never mention anything about immigration. How stupid can they be to not see their own set of ironies?
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