The Return of the Eternally Undead Amnesty Bill
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From the WSJ:
Immigrant Bill Is Back on Table Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano called Friday for Congress to consider an overhaul of immigration law early next year, a move that could rekindle a divisive debate during an election year.

Ms. Napolitano said the immigration landscape has changed sharply since 2007, when attempts at a comprehensive overhaul failed because many members of Congress lacked confidence in the government's ability to enforce existing laws, she said. Immigration overhauls backed by the Bush administration and some congressional leaders from both parties foundered in part because critics portrayed them as rewarding illegal immigrants with "amnesty" for violating U.S. law.

Since then, government statistics show a 23% drop in the number of illegal immigrants caught trying to enter the U.S. in the past year ... Without congressional action, "what I fear is we will see another wave of illegal immigration" when the economy improves, she said.

Uh, right ...

Look, the rationalization for Obama pushing for amnesty when unemployment is over 10% isn't supposed to make sense to current voters. The goal is to freeze unemployed illegal aliens in the United States so that they will be future voters. Obama doesn't want them to go home to their families in their warm home countries this winter. His message is: Leave America now and you'll miss out on the Amnesty.

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