The Politics of Public Works
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A major goal of the Obama Administration will be to keep millions of illegal immigrants from going home, which would deprive the Democratic Party of large numbers of votes in coming decades from them (after they are put on "the path to citizenship") and, more importantly, their American-born (and thus birthright citizen) children. Spending hundreds of billions of the taxpayers' dollars to keep illegal immigrant construction workers previously employed putting up unneeded McMansions in exurban Las Vegas from leaving the U.S. is a small price to pay for future Democratic dominance.

A reader writes:

As you and I know, fully half of the illegal aliens work in construction and most of the rest work in the hospitality industry. When the housing (and commercial) construction collapsed last summer, we all knew it would not be long before the unemployed illegal aliens packed up and self-deport. (It actually costs a lot to live in the USA if you do not have a job.) Now Obama comes to the rescue! Before they can run out of money, they can go to work on the biggest public works project in American history. Will Americans be allowed to work too......sure!.....if they can speak Spanish, if they have several years of recent experience doing the same work. (This will guarantee that much of the stimulus will end up being paid to illegal aliens.) Naturally, the powers that be do not want their vast army of cheap construction workers to pack up and go home....besides ....there is a political payoff here for the support provided by Hispanics in the last election.
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