"The Poison Of Inequality" And The London Riots—Too Much Even For Guardian Commenters
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From the U.K. Guardian:
The poison of inequality was behind last summer's riots 
A year on from the riots, the government is still failing to identify their underlying causes 
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

Commenters on the Guardian site were not impressed:

  • Inequality - yeah, he's got better trainers than me so I'll just smash in a shop window to get some better ones. 
  • A year on from the riots and the Guardian/LSE is still pushing this nonsense. The only real lesson to be drawn from last summer's exhibition of violent consumerism was that if the police keep a low profile during hot weather, people take the piss. 
  • Does anybody want to buy a cheap LG 40" flat screen. Ive got ten left. 
  • The Interim Report showed that rioters brought before the courts had on average 11 previous convictions 
  • Almost half of those held over the riots have been re-arrested for a catalogue of crimes including rape, threats to kill and robbery. Days before the anniversary of the disorder, official figures show that 44 per cent of riot suspects have been arrested on suspicion of committing fresh offences within the last 12 months. The statistics, released under the Freedom of Information Act, have raised serious questions over the penalties handed out to offenders. 
  • Everyone should have the human right to take whatever they need from any shop to achieve a lifestyle that meets their expectations. Everyone should have the right to express their anger at those that own property by burning it down.
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