The Pew Hispanic Center
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The Pew Hispanic Center, which I've long admired for doing good statistical analyses without all that much political correctness, has a new report out on illegal aliens (or "Unauthorized Immigrants," as Pew terms them). It was written by Jeffrey S. Passel and D'Vera Cohn. As I started to read it, this slab of boilerplate caught my eye:
The Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve public understanding of the diverse Hispanic population in the United States and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the nation. It does not take positions on policy issues. The center is part of the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan "fact tank" based in Washington, D.C., and it is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, a Philadelphia-based public charity. All of the Center’s reports are available at The staff of the Center is:
Paul Taylor, Director Rakesh Kochhar, Associate Director for Research Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director Richard Fry, Senior Research Associate Jeffrey S. Passel, Senior Demographer Gretchen Livingston, Senior Researcher Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, Senior Analyst Daniel Dockterman, Research Assistant Mary Seaborn, Administrative Manager

This list of names says a lot about why East Coast elites don't feel that massive Hispanic immigration provides any noticeable competition that might hinder their kids from getting ahead in their careers. Here are nine nice, respectable office jobs at the Pew Hispanic Center, and they could only find Spanish-surnamed people to fill two of them

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