The Perfect Test Lab for TNR's Open Borders Plan: Israel
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As I mentioned yesterday, The New Republic features a lengthy call entitled A Radical Solution to Global Income Inequality: Make the U.S. More like Qatar by U. of Chicago professors Eric Posner and Glen Weyl. They ask the wealthy OECD countries of Europe and America to turn themselves into Qatar North by admitting billions of poor immigrants and letting employers treat them more or less like a subhuman slave caste without human rights (other than, of course, LGBT ones).

It might be prudent, however, to first test The New Republic’s plan out on, say, just one OECD member to make sure Open Borders / Caste System is as good of an idea as Posner and Weyl assume before we bet the planet on it.

The most convenient OECD member state for the impoverished masses of Africa to reach via overland routes could test the New Republic plan simply by cutting a ten foot wide gap in one of the razor wire border fences it has erected in recent years to keep out poor black immigrants:


“Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this fence!”

The New Republic has of course long had intimate ties with this country. In fact, last I heard, long-time TNR editor Marty Peretz had retired to Tel Aviv where he was pursuing his lifelong passion for mentoring youths. I’m sure Mr. Peretz would be happy to launch the TNR campaign to heal the world beginning in its natural test site. TNR could promote its demands for Open Borders in Israel with the catchy slogan: “Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this fence!”


Computer Simulation of first test of TNR plan

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