The Pearce Recall And Other Election News
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William L. Houston has a post up on Youth For Western Civilization about  the recent elections,  especially the Russell Pearce recall election:

"The Left is already hard at work spinning the loss of Senate President Russell Pearce in the Arizona recall election. David Weigel at Slate has a post up claiming that 2011 is "the weakest off-year election for Republicans since 2007."

Are we watching the same elections?

- In Iowa, a Democrat won a special election in Democratic-leaning Eastern Iowa to replace another Democrat.

- In Arizona, Russell Pearce lost the recall election to Jerry Lewis because Democrats and Independents were allowed to vote in the election. Next year, Jerry Lewis will have to defend that seat against a Republican electorate in the Republican primary.


Has the loss of Russell Pearce slowed our momentum?

- No, because Arizona has already passed SB 1070 which will probably go to the Supreme Court in the 2011-2012 session. The RINO who defeated Pearce is unlikely to survive the Republican primary in 2012.

- No, because Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana are now far more likely to pass new immigration laws. In 2011, Virginia and Mississippi passed immigration reform only to have it blocked by the Democratic-controlled Mississippi House and Virginia Senate.

- No, because Mississippi has become the latest state to pass a Voter ID law, which is a substantial rather than a symbolic one."

2011 Election Results | Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward,  November 08, 2011

Read the whole thing.

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