The Norway Shooter, Anti-Jihadism And The New York Times—But Not
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Both Bruce Bawer and Lawrence Auster found their names quoted in the Norway shooter’s 1500 page manifesto. In Auster’s case the shooter was actually quoting anonymous Norwegian blogger Fjordman quoting Auster.

I did search of the document to find if he mentioned, but he didn’t, as far as I know. However, he might have. If we criticize Muslim immigration in Scandinavia in a slightly different spirit than, say, Pamela Geller or Baron Bodissey, we still criticize it.

So much so, in fact, that a man was prosecuted by the Finnish government for quoting us–we called it theFinnquisition.”

So it’s just luck that we’re not being quoted by him, and that we’re not on the list of people being smeared by the New York Times in Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S. By Scott Shane, July 24, 2011.

Lawrence Auster writes that the New York Times:

focuses on the mainly American counter-jihad writers and bloggers who were frequently quoted in the killer’s manifesto, namely Robert Spencer, Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna, Pamela Geller, and Fjordman. It includes this:

Marc Sageman, a former C.I.A. officer and a consultant on terrorism, said it would be unfair to attribute Mr. Breivik’s violence to the writers who helped shape his world view. But at the same time, he said the counterjihad writers do argue that the fundamentalist Salafi branch of Islam “is the infrastructure from which Al Qaeda emerged. Well, they and their writings are the infrastructure from which Breivik emerged.”

I searched the shooter’s manifesto [PDF] for the words “New York Times” and found seven instances, including some anti-Muslim reporting of theirs from way back: Armenians Are Sent to Perish in the Desert - Turks Accused of Plan to Exterminate Whole Population, New York Times, August 18, 1915.

Does that mean that the New York Times is part of the infrastructure? No, it’s a typical New York Times smear against the right, with little more credibility than the story I saw that said Nationalists pose bigger threat than al-Qaeda, [July 24, 2011]

When I saw that, I thought it might be another New York Times story, but it turns out it’s from Al-Jazeera.

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