The News from Spain...isn't News.
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I received a gracious email from Randall Burns, our resident Progressive (and Mayflower descendant!) saying he thought my blog on Spain’s reversal of immigration policy “good and interesting”.

I was flattered. I still relish the comment in Randall’s Pilgrim's Pride article:

Immigration has allowed the wealthy to create a huge mess—and the wealthy should be held fully accountable to cleaning up all costs. Wealthy interests now run both the Democratic and Republican Parties and have been the core support for both legal and illegal immigration. We must be sure that the price to fix these problems is not paid by those who have already borne enormous costs from the last 40 year experiment in immigration.

As I said on Thursday night, what would be so strange about the Democrats—if they were truly the party of the working man —calling for immigration restrictions in these times of economic adversity?

So I checked “Spain Immigration”on Google News. At this writing, the only US media outlets to report the story were the New York Daily News, Forbes, and Ohio’s Canton Repository , all of which used the AP feed.

Spain may only have 45 million people, but of all European countries it is in a sense most like America - huge populations to the south from incompetent countries. In ‘04, the Socialists adopted a liberal immigration policy. Now they have dropped it. Is that not news?

Not to the MSM.

Congratulate the Canton Repository, a regional newspaper with an international understanding - the
only one to report this significant story.


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