The NEW YORK TIMES Features D.A. King; NYT Commenters Show Their Hatred Of America And Americans
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The New York Times has an article today about D.A. King and his efforts in Georgia to rein in illegal immigration and defeat the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration Surge bill:National Push by a Local Immigration Activist: No G.O.P. Retreat,  By Julia Preston, August 6, 2013.

By NYT standards, King is handled surprisingly even-handedly.

More revealing, however, are the comments.  Granted, this is The New York Times and one must presume a Leftward tilt amongst the commenters.  And indeed that is there, although a few patriots sound off about what uncontrolled immigration is doing to America. 

Most, however, take the view that America is whoever happens to live in it at any given time and that King's only plausible motive is pure racism.  Most commenters' quality of analysis barely rises to the very low benchmark set by the $PLC and ADL.

Most troubling about the comments is how evident it is that there are a great many "Americans" who disdain America, despise her history, and have nothing but contempt for ordinary Americans.  Many of the commenters display chronic Ellis Island Derangement Syndrome, many share the delusion that the illegal-alien reconquista is just in returning to Mexico lands properly Mexican, and even more cannot look past their presumption that D.A. King is racist to ask whether what King says is in fact true.

Worst of all, that there is an American nation with a culture and character of its own and that America's national character is worth preserving: these are notions entirely alien (double-entendre entirely intentended) to almost all of the commenters.  "Nation of Immigrants" shibboleths abound.
Defeating the current congressional drive for amnesty and surge immigration will only be a new beginning.  There are a whole lot of Americans who need convincing there really is such a country as America - as opposed to a job fair for foreigners called "America."  Maybe when these people start losing their jobs to the Zuckerberg Legions of new H-1Bs, they will begin to wake up.  Or will these deluded souls just "celebrate our - increased - Diversity" instead?
Here is one comment, from what looks like a pretty standard-issue American - a posting riddled with unsubstantiated cliches, misspellings, and reflexive prejudice against "rednecks" (presumed to be Southerners)— that illustrates the depth of our problem:

Michael O'Neill Bandon, Oregon

Mr. King is misremembering what he was taught. Immigrants don't assimilate, nor do we want them to. Each group brings their own unique culture to this melting pot of ours and enriches our lives with the differences.

I am sorry about his running battle with the junkyard neighbors, but that life style is not indemic to any one culture nor is it reserved to them.

I am a 65 year old former Marine. I grew up in SoCal. I too remember learning about the rich history of immigration in our country and the melting pot that forged our strong resulting culture. I also remember the delapidated homes with more old cars than people down the block from my grandmother's neat little home. They were usually what we called rednecks, and they were most often from the south. The Hispanic homes were more often than not neat and clean and well maintained. It is my experience that this remains the case when I visit family in L.A. or friends in Houston.

Mr. King is doing no one any favors, least of all himself. Without the vibrancy we will obtain from new waves of willing immigrants this will be a sad, colorless country.

Aug. 7, 2013 at 10:47 a.m

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