The Navy's Poster Boy For Immigration Accused Of Spying For China
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The press is always filled with the immigrant success story.  But if there is a failure by an immigrant, the press always brushes it off.  In an unusual departure from the vague description given to either black criminals or immigrant spies/murders/rapists usually involving "man" and the city or state the "man" was from, the New York Times was upfront about an immigrant failure story, or more accurately, an immigrant treason story.

And, no surprise, it involved a Chinese naturalized citizen,  who committed  treason and espionage.

WASHINGTON — The Navy is weighing charges of espionage against an officer who is a naturalized American citizen and has been under investigation since last year on suspicion of providing secret information to China and Taiwan, United States officials said.
The allegations against the officer, Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin, 39, who was born in Taiwan, are part of a secretive espionage case in which Commander Lin is also accused of visiting a prostitute. United States officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly because the investigation into the officer is continuing, said Navy investigators believed that Commander Lin provided secret information to a Chinese girlfriend.
[Navy May Charge Officer With Giving China and Taiwan Secrets, by Matthew Rosenberg and Helene Cooper, NYT, April 11, 2016]
And Lin was poster child for immigrant success in America and the military.
For Commander Lin, who moved to the United States as a teenager, the allegations represent a huge reversal. The Navy had held him up as an example of what immigrants can achieve in the United States and in the military.
The Navy featured his personal story in December 2008 in a public affairs report on his naturalization ceremony, which took place in the United States District Court in Honolulu.
Edward Lin, Posterboy For Racial Loyalty, Multiculturalism, Treason, and Espionage
The Chinese are conspicuous in treason and espionage, as in the example of  the mysterious Eastern Tennessean "man"  recently arrested for nuclear espionage, but not the only traitors among immigrants.
Muslim immigrants and their American born progeny, whether Shi'ite or Sunni, Arab or Iranian, are frequently disloyal as well.
Just how broken that system actually is has been revealed by several cases since then. Last fall, Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, a navy civilian engineer, was convicted of passing secret information about the navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, to an Egyptian intelligence officer. Rather, to someone Mr. Awwad thought was an Egyptian spy. In reality, it was an FBI agent working undercover: the traitor was stopped before he could actually betray secrets. Left unasked in all this was how Mr. Awwad, a native of Saudi Arabia, got work as a navy engineer with security clearances when his loyalty was clearly not to the United States.
It happened again this February when another navy civilian engineer, James Robert Baker, was charged with repeatedly lying to his employer on his security clearance paperwork. Mr. Baker, who worked for the navy for three decades, was born Majid Karimi in Iran. Over thirty years, Mr. Baker lied flagrantly about his true biography and life events, including the fact that he still possessed an Iranian passport that he traveled on long after taking a job with the navy, a clear violation of security rules.
[Amid Shocking Chinese Spy Case, Our Navy Can No Longer Be Trusted, by John Schindler, The Observer, April 11, 2016]
However, it is not just the Navy that is falling down on the issue of immigrants and security.  All the services and civilian agencies have a similar problem, from the well-known case of Nidal Hassan to the Iranian nationals who currently work in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offices, like the San Jose Field Office, or the Hispanic criminals who dominate corruption in the Border Patrol. It appears that the immigrant enthusiasm of  Cultural Marxists and their cuckservative doppelgangers is willfully  ignorant of the cost of those immigrants, especially in the area of treason and espionage.
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