The Murder Of Kerrie Orozco Raises The Question "Why Do We Have Young Mothers Fighting Crime?"
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The sad death of Officer Kerrie Orozco is certainly another black-on-white murder that shall go unnoticed in the major media, as James Kirkpatrick writes.

But it also occasions a second observation: If Orozco had been at home where she belonged, caring for her children, Marcus Wheeler wouldn't have had the chance to murder her. "Maternity leave" and fighting crime are terms that just don't go together.

The irony of the situation is that the same people who think Orozco should have been a cop and push women into positions for which nature does not equip them are the same people who hide the true dimension of black-on-white crime.

Those children deserved a mother at home, a mother who was more worried about them than anything else, including the Marcus Wheelers of this world. Instead, they got a part-time mother. Now they don't even have that.

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