The MSM Fake News History: "Leave The Lying To Us!"
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The New York Times and the rest of the leftosphere is mighty concerned about  “fake news.” Fake News includes those memes, they allege, that helped elect Donald Trump.

Last week, The Washington Post’s media columnist, Margaret Sullivan pontificated on the matter. According to the Post’s homepage teaser, Trump has ushered in a world without facts. That’s scarier than you think. The president-elect’s inner circle is now utterly dismissing the existence of facts.”

Let’s forget the specifics of Madame Sullivan’s piece, and the rest of the fake news about fake news, and focus on the veracity of the aforesaid claim: that Trump “ushered in a world without facts.”

Not really. Here are few fake news items from the past:

  • The New York Times and Walter Duranty, who lied about Stalin — 1930s
  • The New York Times and Herbert Matthews, who lied about Castro — 1950s
  • CBS and Walter Cronkite, who lied about the Tet Offensive in Vietnam — 1968
  • The Washington Post and Janet Cooke, who lied about “Jimmy” — 1980
  • NBC, Jane Pauley and Stone Phillips, who lied about exploding GM trucks — 1992
  • CBS, Mary Mapes and Dan Rather, who lied about President Bush — 2004
It seems almost cruel to go on.

The leftist media “ushered in a world without facts” and was retailing fake news long before Donald Trump ran for president.


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