The Most Generous Nation in the World... at Giving Jobs Away
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I am often asked to write something that describes the alphabet soup of employment based visas. My website has a page devoted to visa types but it's far from complete. To fill the gaps I recently wrote a more definitive article: "The Most Generous Nation in the World... at Giving Jobs Away." [HTML Version and PDF Magazine Version]

In it, I untangle the legalese that tends to obfuscate immigration visa programs by using confusing terminology and more detail than needed. Every employment based visa category is explained in a succinct style that laymen (like myself) can understand. The essay was written so that it can be used as a reference manual for those who want to understand the visa programs without spending inordinate amounts of time to wade through tedious government and legal websites.

The article is in the Social Contract Journal, a quarterly magazine that is published by the Social Contract Press. There are many other good essays to read in the new issue of the magazine — many of them address the impact of immigration on jobs. You can get a good idea of the theme of the essays by the title of the newest issue: "Timeout! The case for a moratorium on legal immigration".

Kevin Lamb's synopsis of the current magazine gives a good general overview.

One link that you should put on your "to read" list is an article he wrote in 2005: "The Leftward Course Of Human Events", September 22, 2005. Lamb's excommunication from the conservative media is a story that should be heard by everyone who is concerned about first-amendment rights to free speech. It's also a tragic reminder that the bitter battle being waged between traditional conservatives and neo-cons has human costs as well as ideological and political.

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