The Mexican Government’s Hypocritical Response To The “Family Separation Crisis”
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The hypocritical outrage over the separation of (mostly Central American) child and adult detainees at the border was driven by those who don’t want us to detain anybody.

Unsurprisingly, the Mexican government condemned it as a great crime against humanity.

But in reality, it was the failure of Mexico to control its own illegal immigration that caused this crisis.

Mexico cannot or will not stop the flow of Central Americans through its territory. That’s how so many wind up on our border.  

So then the Mexican government can act very indignant about it.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto proclaimed that “Mexico has expressed its most energetic condemnation to any cruel and inhumane treatment of any migrant.”[Peña Nieto condena trato “cruel e inhumano” contra migrantes [Pena Nieto condemns “cruel and inhumane treatment of migrants”], Diario de Mexico (from Notimex), June 20, 2018\

Consider all the cruel and inhumane treatment Central American illegals receive in Mexico, either at the hands of criminals or law enforcement. I would think those who wind up in U.S. custody would consider themselves better off.

Mexico Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray declared that “It is a cruel and inhumane policy…we cannot be indifferent to an act that violates human rights and puts children in such a vulnerable situation.” [‘Cruel e inhumana’, política migratoria de Trump: Videgaray [‘Cruel and inhumane”, migratory policy of Trump: Videgaray] Excelsior, June 19, 2018]

That takes a lot of chutzpah coming from a Mexican official. Any Central American illegal alien traveling through Mexico is in an extremely vulnerable situation.

True, Mexico does detain and deport Central American illegal aliens.  But not all of them. Plenty of them are still getting through, enough to cause this crisis on the border.

Bottom line: Mexico is not our partner in securing the border. We have to do that ourselves.


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