The McCain-Cuomo Diversity Recession
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As part of what Mickey Kaus has called  McCain's " desperate lunge to the demagogic left, " McCain wants to fire the SEC chairman and replace him with Andrew Cuomo!

Kaus writes

Andrew Cuomo, under whose leadership the federal
Department of Housing and Urban Development damaged several New York neighborhoods when it permitted scam artists to bilk the government out of federally secured mortgage and construction loans in the late 1990's.
Seems like just the right man to solve the toxic mortgage crisis. ... P.S.: This wasn't a tiny fraud. It was a quarter-billion dollar scandal that severely disrupted the redevelopment of Harlem, among other places, by gumming up the market. But hey, it was non-profit fraud! ... Apparently, McCain's not just going populist left. He's going irresponsible, opportunist populist left. ... More Cuomo embarrassments here and here ("Mr. Cuomo's complaints that [a primary opponent] was not aggressive in investing state pension money in concerns that would further social causes, like affordable housing.") ... See also Wayne Barrett (alleging that as HUD secretary Cuomo pushed Fannie Mae into the subprime market) ... Note to my conservative friends: Hope Palin's worth it! ...
Yes, that's who McCain wants to fix the problem—a Democrat whose fingerprints are all over the "Diversity Recession." The Wayne Barrett reference is to Andrew Cuomo and Fannie and Freddie | How the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history gave birth to the mortgage crisis, Village Voice, August 5, 2008, discussed by Steve Sailer here.
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