The Mainstream Media And The Surge In Illegal Border Crossings
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Mickey Kaus asks on Twitter:

The link is to the same Katie Pavlich story Brenda is discussing below: Exclusive: Illegal Border Crossings Double, Border Becomes Less Secure as Beltway Gets Close to Deal on Immigration Reform, Townhall, By Katie Pavlich, April 1, 2013. The reason it's an exclusive is that nobody else is doing it.

Part of what the MSM can do to suppress this is refuse to do the same thing, and refuse to quote it. When I searched Google News for Katie Pavlich's name, two of the results I got were Media Matters smears of her:

When I searched for "border crosssings" I got a story that says "Resistance is useless"

Odds of the press highlighting Obama's miserable failure on the border they way they would have with Bush: low.

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