The Kvetcher Sends Out a Fiery Cross
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The Kvetcher has sent out a Fiery Cross (so to speak):
Hear, ye, hear ye!

The U.S. Must Stop Enforcing Our Immigration Policies by Passover!

The Jews have spoken. The U.S. must stop enforcing their immigration laws. Rather,

”Immigration Reform, Not Raids”

In other words, if you make illegal immigrants citizens, then they aren’t illegal anymore! The Jews want this policy change finished by Passover. The American government has until Passover to implement this policy. Okay?

The Kvetcher explains:
Why Passover? Because that’s when we Jews emigrated from Egypt. Egypt was not working out. Hence, this narrative proves that everyone should be able to immigrate anywhere (in the West).
Of course The Kvetcher is being ironic. He has posted a number of fine pieces hostile to mass immigration, as I have noted here and here and here. This campaign, called Progress by Pesach appalls him:
please warn everyone in our community that the Jewish social-Left is speaking on the Jewish community’s behalf, and demanding implementation of some very irresponsible policies.
and he very sensibly adds
And do not be fooled by how typically cheesy, typically self-congratulatory, and illogical this campaign sounds to the sober ear. These guys are quite serious. And plenty of money is at stake, such as federal and state contracts for HIAS, who is at the root of this campaign.
HIAS (The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), is of course a public menace — as is the entire Refugee Industry.

Looks like more business for Kevin MacDonald.

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