The Kvetcher gets serious.
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Tedious Day-job considerations have kept me from noticing The Kvetcher’s valiant anti Muslim immigration posting on the mainstream Jewish website Jewlicious. I understand this was the first immigration/dissident voice raised on this site. (Applaud Jewlicious)

The Kvetcher’s point was derived fromthe Geert Wilders atrocity. He inferred that when Muslim immigration into America reaches critical mass, similar repression can be expected here:

we can risk our own demise, both our domestic position, and Israel’s favored status in the U.S., by welcoming millions of Muslim immigrants with strong and vastly different and conflicting P.O.V.s ( Point of Views) than our own. But why?

The Jewlicious comment thread rapidly degenerated to a brutal brawl, with quite a bit of Muslim participation. But a couple of important remarks were posted by ”Ephraim”:

a lot of the people in the forefront of the fight against the Islamazoids in Europe are European atavists with strong Nazi, fascist, and racist tendencies. However, they seem to be the only people who have the sense to see the danger that the Islam poses to the West.

(and much later in the thread:

” the plain fact of the matter is that where the rubber meets the road, only the European nativists are sticking up for Europe and ”European values”. I put that in quotes because I’m sure that there are various definitions. For now, let us accept that they are what Wilders says they are: dedication to an open, tolerant, secular, pluralist society. With this charge against Wilders, it is clear that for whatever reason, there is a strong strain in Holland that is determined to quash any discussion of the issues Wilders raises. So much for pluralism and tolerance.

I expect a racial/religious war to erupt in the not-too-distant future [ in Europe], and I believe it will be very bad. I hope the jews have the sense to leave before that happens.

(P.C.: Sometimes, in the dark of the night, one longs for a world where reasonable people could agree.)

In more typical, witty, style, The Kvetcher has expressed his horror, and that of most sane people, for the knee jerk support of the Haredim for Uber Bad Apple Rubashkin of Agriprocessors fame:

Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin has done more for our community that any business person, with the exception of our beloved Bernie Madoff. And yet he is being persecuted. Persecuted for the mere fact that he is a frumme yid, and one or two other minor indiscretions.

(Peter Brimelow has savagely disciplined me against the use of irony, on the grounds that Americans do not understand it.) But I can’t leave a great phrase unreported:

Every Orthodox Jew has a right to flee the States and run to Israel. As it is said, ”When the going gets tough, the frum ( fly El-Al mehadrin.)”


Wonderful in fact.

What about the rest of us?

PS Showing what can only be described as a spirit, The Kvetcher has started a False Holocaust Memoir Competition.

DK - we have refuges!

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