The Kvetcher: A Daniel come to judgement
Print Friendly and PDF the stunning courage (and intellectual integrity) which is his trademark The Kvetcher picked right up on our Kevin MacDonald piece last night about the Hate Crime Bill:

Jews and the Hate Crimes Bills

There are allegations coming from Dr. Kevin MacDonald that Jews, specifically the ADL, are the instrumental players in pushing these horrible Hate Crimes bills through Congress.

I don’t know the exact magnitude of the ”defense” Jewish community’s exact role, but I have to admit, it seems massive, just as it was on immigration. I also can tell you anecdotally that my own views on Hate Crimes law – a strangely egalitarian idea that all unprovoked crimes should be viewed harshly—have proven quite unpopular in my discussions with the ”affiliated,” from the Havurah crowd to the Modern Orthodox crowd, who want special punishment for targeting ”minorities.

Is this mentality influenced by Jewish law, which is inherently unfair, in that it differentiates in punishment between Jew and gentile, the latter receiving harsher punishment for breaking Noachide Law?

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These interesting reflections drew some illuminating responses, several relishing the prospect of expanded social controls. The Kvetcher was unflinching in his opposition:

themicah wrote, If we consider crimes motivated by hatred more heinous than crimes with other motivations, why not dole out harsher punishments accordingly?

Because Hate Crimes determine that according to whether the victim is of a protected minority or not. It makes one person’s blood sweeter than another’s.

A Daniel come to judgment!

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