The King Hearings On Muslim Extremism
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The Establishment Press is having conniptions over the King hearings because they are getting in the way of their Narrative: that white male conservatives with pitchforks and torches are The Threat. Recall the MSM response to the Tucson shootings - It's Limbaugh's and Beck's and O'Reilly's fault - and how they went on for days and days in that vein long after there wasn't a shred of credibility left. Or look at the various Schillers of NPR.

The King hearings send the perfectly appropriate message to Muslims in America that we are tired of their losers trying to (and sometimes succeeding at) at killing Americans and that they need to do something about it.

We should have had these kind of hearings years ago, but they would have undermined the Bush Administration's main claim to fame: that they had protected us from all terrorist attacks. Moreover, they would have raised questions about Bush's Grand Strategy of Invite the World - Invade the World - In Hock to the World.

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