The Jobs of the Future
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The Financial Times has a nearly-4000 word article on "The Crisis of the American Middle Class" that manages never to mention any words beginning with the letters "immigra." The closest reference is:

Much as they disagree on what has caused the Great Stagnation, economists also differ on the remedies. Most agree that better education improves people’s earnings potential, even if it does not solve the underlying problem. Others point out that not everybody can be a bond trader, a software entrepreneur or a Harvard professor.
Many of the jobs of the future will be in ”inter-personal” roles that cannot be easily replaced by computers or ­foreigners — janitors, beauty technicians, home carers and landscape gardeners, for whom college is often superfluous."

Huh? "Janitors, beauty technicians, home carers and landscape gardeners" "cannot be easily replaced by ... foreigners." Thank God we don't have to worry about that happening in the future in America. Thank God America leads the world in jobs for economists. What country is this article about again?

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