The Jamaican Future Son-In-Law Of The Speaker Of The House
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Future son-in-law of Speaker of the House

Not every political family, it turns out, is succeeding at getting its progeny to marry into billionaire families.

The Most Interesting Newspaper in the World, the Daily Mail, runs this picture of the Florida construction worker and dreadlocked Jamaican immigrant Dominic Lakhan, age 38, who next month will marry the 35-year-old daughter of Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH).

Boehner, tanned from golfing with lobbyistsThe burnt orange Speaker is of Oompa-Loompan ancestry himself. (Other prominent Loompans include Angelo Mozilo, Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney.)

Mr. Lakhan (a name that sounds vaguely Subcontinental) was arrested in 2006 for driving while drinking a Natural Light and smoking weed.

I was going to do an extensive Internet search to make sure Mr. Lakhan isn't actually the eccentric heir to a Jamaican bauxite fortune, but then I noticed that, like your correspondent, he drinks Natty Light H2O-flavored beerwater.

Here's my 2012 discussion with Charles Murray about the question on his Class Markers Quiz about whether you drink mass market beers like Bud, and what my drinking a sub-mass market beer furtively aimed at the frat boy and wino demographics says about our class status. I think Charles and I left it at classless.

Anyway, that reminded me that I need to make more money, which is why I've started my first panhandling drive of 2013.

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