The Ivy League And The Yogi Berra's Favorite Restaurant Effect
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Very few Americans outside of college presidents realize just how many Asian-American college applicants there are with high test scores lately. By 2019-20, Asian-Americans had almost caught up in raw numbers with whites scoring 1400 on the SAT or higher out of 1600 (roughly two standard deviations above the mean): 54,000 Asians vs. 64,000 whites. (And most of the 7,000 high scoring 2 or More Races kids are Asian-white mixes.)

2019-2020 SAT >= 1400/1600  
Am Indian 141 0.1%
Asian 53,628 34.8%
Black 2,613 1.7%
Hispanic 11,387 7.4%
Pacific 102 0.1%
White 63,699 41.4%
2 or More 7,172 4.7%

There were 20 times more Asian than black high scorers.

Granted, relative to whites, Asians take the competing ACT less often than the SAT, so overall the recent numbers are less extreme, but still …

This is a big reason why colleges like Columbia U. are dumping mandatory testing for applicants: currently, elite schools not only discriminate in favor of blacks and Latinos, but discriminate against Asians more than they discriminate against whites. In the racial pecking order, blacks>Latinos>whites>Asians. If the Supreme Court rules that Harvard must take Asians’ test scores at face value, the Ivy League could get to be like Yogi Berra’s favorite restaurant that got so popular that nobody goes there anymore.

To trample on the joke by explaining it: Yogi meant that New York Yankees like him, Mickey, Whitey, and Phil don’t go there anymore because it’s always jammed with hoi polloi.

Similarly, back in the 1920s, Ivy League colleges started limiting the number of Jewish admittees, in part because they were worried that if their student bodies didn’t have enough Stutz Bearcat–driving Joe College WASPs, then everybody, including Jews, especially the richest and therefore most desirable German Jews, would be less desirous of attending.

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