The Gratitude of W's Amigo
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Remember how much President Bush played up his friendship with Vicente Fox, his "amigo"?

Look how Fox has repaid Bush's friendship. The former Mexican president has an autobiography coming out called Revolution of Hope, due for release next month.

Reportedly, in its pages, Fox is not too complimentary of George W. Bush. Fox calls Bush stubborn, and describes Bush as "the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life" (yeah, Fox has a lot of gall to call somebody else cocky ).

Fox reportedly bashes the Republican Party's immigration platform. Fox makes fun of Bush's Spanish, calling it "grade-school level" Spanish. And Fox writes "I can't honestly say that I had ever seen George W. Bush getting to the White House."

Let's remember that such petty criticism is leveled at George W. Bush, a man who tried more than any president in American history to please Mexico, who treated Vicente Fox like a permanent Guest of Honor and gushed on and on about their friendship , who missed no opportunity to extol Mexican culture, who favored Mexican lawbreakers over American citizens, who slandered American citizens who simply wanted our border controlled, and who did everything possible to keep the border with Mexico open.

George Bush did all that, and the ingrate Vicente Fox so casually badmouths him.

There's a lesson here. Pandering to the Mexican government will not work, and will not gain Mexico's respect.

Only defending our sovereignty will.

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