The Fix Is In In Wrestling—How About Enforcement?
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I remember years ago watching an old TV show (this one, I think) in which a story about a series of fixed boxing matches ended with the hero getting tickets to a professional wrestling match, because at a professional wrestling match, you never have to worry about whether it's fixed or not. Well, I can predict the outcome of this one:
Pin pals grapple for a cause - Los Angeles Times Wrestler Super Mojado takes on INS Man in a fundraiser for recently arrested [Illegal] immigrants. By Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer March 23, 2008 More than 300 Latino immigrants gathered in a sweltering Panorama City lot on Saturday to witness the birth of an unassuming hero — a compact, dark-skinned man wearing a T-shirt, jeans, running shoes and a garish silver-and-blue mask.

They call him Super Mojado, or Super Wetback.

He was the star of a main wrestling event where bad guys in stretch pants worn under brightly colored underwear were supposed to get their lumps to raise funds for 130 illegal immigrants waiting to be deported. The immigrants were arrested during a recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid at the Van Nuys headquarters of Micro Solutions Enterprises, a manufacturer of computer imaging supplies.

Tickets went for $10 a person, or whatever a customer could afford.

Super Mojado strode into the ring and climbed up on the ropes to declare his mission — "I've come to fight against discrimination and for [illegal] immigrants of all ethnic backgrounds!" Moments later he was confronted by a grimacing white foe whose affiliation was announced in the huge letters sewn onto the legs of his orange-and-black stretch pants: INS, the former acronym of the U.S. Immigration Service.

It was classic lucha libre, or Mexican "free fight," which is a popular form of teatro do los pobres, or poor man's theater, in which the good guys get beaten senseless and trampled while on their backs and gasping for breath. Then, as the referee is about to slap a open palm down on the mat for a third time, they rally and take care of business.[More]

Note the "grimacing white foe" and see here for a caricature of white and black Americans arresting a Hispanic illegal. And I see the "good guy" in this is using the common Mexican term mojado, which we mere English speakers aren't allowed to use, no matter how wet the Rio Grande gets.

But...we know how the wrestling match will turn out, and why. What I'd like to know is this—how are the Federal Government's enforcement efforts going to turn out? Are they fixed?

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