The Fight Over The Wall Is About Whether Americans Have A RIGHT To Build A Wall
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From commenter Boethius:

And while I’m at it, one more thing related to my prior comment.

Did you ever notice, that right now the possibility of a wall across our southern border is the ultimate Sailerite/Leninist who/whom? issue, in its purest form?

I mean yeah it’s sort of about immigration, but not really. At a much deeper lever it’s who/whom. If somehow, by any possible means we build the wall, we’re the who and without it we’re the whom. Fundamentally, that’s why we want the wall, and that’s why the other side is just as determined to prevent us from having it.

In objective terms, the situation should be reversed. If we build a wall, and let’s suppose it works pretty well, the possibility of massive illegal immigration ceases to be an ongoing threat and becomes more of a historical idiosyncrasy. And then it’s much easier to justify regularization or amnesty for the illegals already here. They’re the ones who should be pushing a wall onto us. But they’re not. Even if millions of their constituents depend on it, it’s not a concession they feel the need to make.

Let’s face it, right now we’re the whom and they’re the who. And in those terms, we’re in worse shape now than we were under President Obama especially toward the end of his second term.

Essentially, the fight over the Wall is about whether Americans have a right to build a Wall.

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