The Fair Jessica Calls Arizona Racist
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Jessica Alba Thinks The Arizona Law Is RacistJessica Alba, pictured right, has made headlines by saying that Arizona's new law is racist.

September 18, 2010 Jessica Alba joins opposition to Arizona's immigration law

Jessica Alba has slammed the new Arizona state immigration rules, branding the legislation "a very racist, foolish law." The Sin City and Machete star was part of an all-star public service announcement taking a stand against the law, which gives Arizona police new powers to arrest and detain anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. And Alba insists she'll carry on fighting the regulation as it's an issue she and Robert Rodriguez, her Machete director, feel strongly about. She tells Britain's Daily Record, "It's always been a relevant issue, for me and for Robert, because we grew up with that reality and it just happened to be that a state did something really, really foolish and passed a very racist, foolish law. ... There's no way we can change it if we all just sit back and do nothing, so it's about engaging and getting people to stand up for their rights."

With machetes? But I don't believe that Miss Alba grew up in Pomona, California, as the victim of prejudice against "people of Mexican appearance."

A while back, Steve Sailer asked OK, How White Are Hispanics?, and the answer is it varies widely. Cuban exiles and their descendants, very white. Mixtec speaking Indians from Chiapas, not so much. Most Mexicans are somewhere in between.

For Miss Alba, we know exactly. Mexican American TV host George Lopez, who looks like a Mexican, has been getting celebrities to take DNA tests, and he revealed to Miss Alba, much to her dismay, that she is 87 percent white:

Jessica Alba stunned as TV show DNA test shows she is descended from Europeans
December 02, 2009, (Splash News) - Stunned Jessica Alba could not hide her surprise when a TV show DNA test revealed she is descended from Europeans.

The Latina beauty expected the results to show she has Native American heritage.

She looked genuinely shocked when US chat show host George Lopez opened the envelope and announced she is 87 per cent European and just 13 per cent Native American.

Jessica, a third generation American whose family descend from Mexico, gasped: "Really? Wow! Wow, that's crazy!"

She asked: "Does Spain count because Alba comes from Spain?"

Then she nervously added: "I mean, is Spain, 'Oh my God!'?" [More]

This is not surprising—she's the daughter of a Mexican-American and a woman whose maiden name was Jensen, and is of of Danish and French Canadian descent. But you can see she's not happy to be that white.

That's why she's acting in Machete, and giving interviews like this. As a graduate of California schools, and member of the Hollywood starlet community, she's ashamed to be white. Where as if she were an actual Mexican, at the top of Mexico's highly stratified racial caste system, she'd be proud of it.

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