The Dreadful Plight of Mexicans Forced to Live in... Mexico
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Marginally increased border enforcement has given rise to a new sub-category of the sob story genre — Mexican citizens returned to their own country and required to live there. Elvira Arellano (a convicted felon) is the queen of this category, since she was repatriated to Mexico last year and the squawking hasn't stopped since.
Carlos Martinez was in a state of total panic after being deported from the United States to the Mexican border city of Matamoros – he had no money, nowhere to go, and, worst of all, he didn't speak Spanish. The 30-year-old New Yorker had left Mexico as a baby; when the Department of Homeland Security sent him south last May after he had served a prison term, he landed in a foreign land.

"I was crying when I went over the border. It was just a big joke to the U.S. immigration officials to have this Mexican who doesn't speak Spanish. But I was terrified," Martinez said. [Mexico Tries to Help Deportees, Time Magazine, Feb 7, 2008]

Funny how Raza types demand that we American citizens speak Spanish; but Mexicans, not as much.

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