The Descent Of NATURE
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In my column at Taki’s Magazine this week I mentioned the joint descent of once-prestigious Science magazines Nature (in the U.K.) and Scientific American (in the U.S.A.) into the warm oozy murk of Cultural Marxism.  The phenomenon was independently noted here on by a reader.

A friend has alerted me to the fact that one of the Nature writers busy in this deplorable enterprise has invoked my name while reviewing Nicholas Wade’s recent book.

By contrast, the “race realist” and “human biodiversity” (HBD) groups are delighted with Wade’s book. For example, Jared Taylor, editor of the HBD magazine American Renaissance, applauds Wade’s argument that (in Taylor’s paraphrase), “foreign aid is probably wasted because poor countries are not genetically prepared for the institutions necessary for wealth”. Other pillars of the race-realist movement, such as the website Stormfront and the writer John Derbyshire, gave Wade’s book glowing reviews.  [Genetics: Under the Skin by Nathaniel Comfort; Nature 513, 306-307, September 18.]
(Hold on a minute, got something stuck here in my jackboot … that’s better.)

Comfort’s review itself is incoherent.  The scare quotes there give the game away.  Does our species not display biodiversity?  Is race not real?

Comfort actually addresses the latter of those questions; or rather, he “addresses” it:

Race is real and race is genetic, but that does not mean that race is “really” genetic …
Ri-ight.  The review is useful, though, as an illustration of the inability of liberal intellectuals to think about race other than in CultMarx slogans.




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