The Coming Kevin Williamson RINO Amnesty
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It appears that all of the Republican candidates for the nomination support amnesty for illegal aliens. It appears that none of the RINOs will denounce the amnesty given to Nadia Habib and Nazmin Habib, her mother. Both are long time illegal aliens and quite shameless about their crimes.

New York Daily News October 11, 2011

GOP Presidential Contenders Fear Taking A Stand On Deportation Of Blameless Nadia Habib

The Republicans' dodging on questions about Nadia Habib exemplifies the gap between the party's all-enforcement position and the realities of life in a country with 11 million illegal residents.

Nadia Habib is no one to the members of the Republican presidential field.

To find out how the GOP contenders would apply America's immigration law, the Daily News Editorial Board asked the would-be Presidents whether the U.S. should deport the 20-year-old New Yorker, an illegal resident.

Given their party's hard line on immigration - no path to citizenship for the undocumented, no guest-worker program, no allowances for people brought in illegally as children - it seemed logical that the candidates would back sending her to Bangladesh. But would they?

Would they see merit in throwing out a young woman who was brought from that country at less than 2 years of age and who grew up to graduate from Bronx High School of Science and to attend SUNY Stony Brook?

Would they think it wise to separate Nadia from her father, who works as a taxi driver and earned permanent legal residence, and to part her, as well, from three siblings who were born here and are thus citizens?

Would they also call for expelling Nadia's mother, Nazmin, who came in 1993 to reunite with her husband, bringing their daughter with her?

Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman answer untold numbers of questions every week.

They have taken stances on immigration issues, with Texas Gov. Perry catching heat for approving in-state tuition for illegal residents at his state's public colleges.

Yet, as Nadia and Nazmin were about to be booted, only Perry ventured a response. What he offered was gobbledegook:

"There are processes in place for determining whether individuals should be granted temporary and/or permanent status in the U.S. based on numerous criteria that consider our laws, the country of origin, the personal circumstances, any need for asylum and other factors. This case should be treated no differently."

After the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency granted Nadia and Nazmin a one-year stay of deportation, we put a second question to the Republicans:

Did they believe that ICE should review deportation files with an eye toward granting reprieves to illegal immigrants like Nadia and Nazmin?

This time, only Paul's campaign responded, and the answer was "No comment."

The Republicans' dodging exemplifies the gap between the party's all-enforcement position and the realities of life in a country with 11 million illegal residents.

Immigration has been a boon to America, nowhere more so than in New York. Here, a new study shows, almost half of small-business owners are foreign-born. Across the country, farming and other industries depend heavily on immigrant labor.

Meanwhile, America's universities are awarding advanced degrees in science and technology to thousands of the best and brightest from other countries and then sending them home to compete against U.S. businesses.

Allowing Nadia and Nazmin to stay while they seek permanent residency was clearly the right call. But the Republicans hadn't the nerve to speak up for either sound policy or human decency.

They dare not support the DREAM Act, which would give children brought here illegally a path to citizenship as long as they have good records as students, workers and neighbors.

Nor do the Republicans have the courage to endorse comprehensive immigration reform of the kind proposed by former President George W. Bush, because their base does not stand for such sensible thinking.

They are left to wish away Nadia, although she - and millions like her - are not going anywhere.

Despite the exaggerations by the NYDN, none of the Republican candidates except Michelle Bachmann support deporting many of 11-20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. Even Herman Cain refuses to state what he will do with illegals already here. He states that he wants to build the fence and secure the border, then "deal" with illegals here.

But what is also clear is that the refusal to comment on two illegal aliens, one of whom entered as an adult and remained illegally, with nothing but contempt for the laws of the United States. She and other illegal aliens have drawn a line in the sand, daring the United States to deport them.

Parsing Rick Perry's statement, he actually makes some sense on the face of it. There is an immigration process. ICE should follow that process. However that process resulted in removal orders for the Habibs. But they are benefiting from assistance outside the regular process. They are benefiting from an irregular, illegal, unconstitutional and an extralegal process, the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

And all the Kevin Williamson RINOs refuse to denounce that assault on the Constitution that is the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty in general and in the specific case of the Habibs.

Also of note is that the NYDN is constantly harping that Nadia Habib is an innocent in this circus, having been brought here at age 2. However Nazmin Habib is not innocent. She came here as an adult, she and her husband fraudulently entered the United States with the intent of never leaving. That is never brought up by the NYDN. Nor is it noted and addressed by the Kevin Williamson RINOs. If there is some case for Nadia, there is none for Nazmin. She is guilty as sin, but the RINOs will not even comment on her deportation or her amnesty.


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