The Candy Brothers
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Various screenwriters read this blog, so if anybody is looking for supporting characters for a superhero movie, here's my advice: read up on the billionaire Candy Brothers, whose firm Candy & Candy serves as real estate developers and interior decorators for oligarchs, oil sheikhs, and hedge fund guys. The pages on Google read like headlines of newspapers twirling in an old-fashioned 1930s movie montage:
  • The Real Estalker: The Candy Brothers Do It Again
  • The Candy Brothers Sell Their Monaco Penthouse For A Whopping ...
  • Candy Brothers in Monaco Make Millions in London Housing Slump ...
  • Candy brothers lose millions of dollars on LA property deal that ...
  • Billionaire Candy brothers were duped by con men - Telegraph
and so forth and so on. Your main problem would be how to make the Candy Brothers sound more believable so they'd fit into a comic book movie more plausibly.

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