The British And "Brilliant"
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It's a good thing Obama doesn't like England and never spent much time there or his head would have exploded from having everything he did called "brilliant." It reminds me of a business trip I made to Oxford in 1994. The very polite English lady who was my host at Nielsen asked if I had any trouble getting there from Heathrow.

"Well, it took me awhile to find the Hertz counter, but I stopped a bunch of people and asked and I finally found one I could understand because he had a full set of teeth."

"Oh, brilliant!"

"And then, when I got the car, I almost got into two or three head on collisions before I noticed something: You guys drive on the wrong side of the road!"

"Oh, brilliant, brilliant."

"And the speedometer was broken. No way was I going 200 miles per hour."

"Oh, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant."

"And then I wanted to get a bag of potato chips from a vending machine, but all they had were crisps. So, I stuck a bunch of those funny Susan B. Anthony dollar coins in the slot, but the bag got stuck. So, I gave the machine a hard shove and I got not only the crisps, which, by the way, are a lot like potato chips, plus a free packet of biscuits, whatever those are."

"Oh, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant."

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