The Beltway Right's Viking Fixation Continues
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First it was Breitbart's remarkable call to to embrace Odinism and the spirit of Viking warriors.  Now the Daily Caller is talking about mead.  In an article about the comeback of the traditional drink of the Northern peoples, Christopher Bedford writes,

Have you ever read that book “Beowulf”?

It’s a petty epic poem about “dripping with my enemies’ blood,” “hunting monsters out of the ocean and killing them one by one” and generally genociding all of the giants...

But while that sort of life may be up my alley (it’d be a cinch if I put some effort in), it simply isn’t for everyone. So for those of y’all wondering what our protagonist did in his off time, he hung out in his awesome mead hall and drank with his friends until they couldn’t sing anymore. And in that mead hall, they drank a lot of mead...

So lift a glass to marriage, good health, dead enemies and/or booze-sharing gods: It’s a good day to be a drinker.

[How To Drink Like A Viking Without Alienating All the Pretty Ladies (Who Will Want to Join In Too), February 23, 2015]

Of course, just as the Breitbart piece was a bit off-base in assuming that Charlemagne would be joining forces with followers of the Old Gods (he was far more likely to kill them and burn their buildings down), real mead drinkers know the best way to enjoy Odin's favored beverage is to make your own.

Still, odd to hear the Beltway Right suddenly sounding like Conan the Barbarian and telling the three piece suit crowd to get ready to drink from the skulls of their enemies.

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