The Basic Issue In De Blasio's New York--A Colossal Number Of Asians With Three Digit IQs
June 30, 2018, 11:06 AM
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From the NYT:

See Where New York City’s Elite High Schools Get Their Students


To gain entry to New York City’s eight ultracompetitive specialized public high schools, eighth graders must take a common entrance exam. Out of about 600 public middle schools, just 10 account for more than 1,200, or 25 percent, of the offers to attend one of the elite schools, according to Education Department data. These 10 middle schools are disproportionately Asian and white, in a school system that is two-thirds Hispanic and black. …

The schools with the highest numbers of offers are mostly in some of New York’s wealthiest neighborhoods, like the Upper West Side in Manhattan and Park Slope in Brooklyn. Twenty-nine students at Junior High School 118 in the Bronx received offers, the highest number for a school in that borough. That’s only 7 percent of the school’s eighth graders, compared with 75 percent of eighth graders at the Christa McAuliffe School in Brooklyn, which sent the most children to the specialized schools last year.

“Wealthiest neighborhoods” — really?

I guess the geography of wealth in NYC is extremely obscure, which was not my impression from the hundreds of movies and TV shows I’ve seen that have been set in NYC. Who knew that Queens is so much wealthier than the Upper East Side?

Seriously, it looks to me like the main skew is how Asian the middle school is, not how wealthy it is.

For example, the article cites the Christa McAuliffe School in Brooklyn as the #1 source of high-scoring students. Yet, according to, that school is 63% low income, but 70% Asian.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, in response to mounting criticism of segregation in the city’s schools, recently announced plans to stop admitting students to the specialized high schools based solely on an entrance exam. His proposal, meant to make these offers available to more Hispanic and black students, is to admit the top 7 percent of eighth graders from every middle school, based on class rank and state test scores.

So, if you send your child to a middle school for gifted students, like the Christa McAuliffe School or the Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented in Coney Island, you can more or less kiss his or her chances goodbye to get into a high school for gifted students, like Stuyvesant?

Did anybody in Hizzoner’s administration really think this through?

The most efficient way to have a racial quota is to have a racial quota: Asians compete with Asians, whites with whites, etc. Take the X percent highest scorers from each race.

The basic issue that Americans aren’t really conceptually equipped to wrestle with at present is that the world has a colossal number of Asians with three digit IQs. So mass immigration doesn’t work well at all with our American urge to see African-Americans win more prizes and to blame it all on the Great White Male when they don’t.

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