The Atlantic On Affirmative Action
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May 31, 2013, 01:44 PM
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Racist ginger Abigail Fisher
sued for her so-called "constitutional
rights" in the Supreme Court
Americans Oppose Affirmative Action for Race, If You Only Ask White Americans 
What do polls show about racial preferences in college admissions? Don`t take the overall number at face value.
... The story also drops this seemingly innocuous fact: "Polls show that while most Americans oppose racial or ethnic preferences in college admissions, they also think colleges should give extra help to the poor." 
That`s a deceptively complex statement. When you actually take a look at the polls, the truth is more like this: A majority of Americans oppose racial or ethnic preferences, but only because a majority of Americans are also white.
The Gang of Eight is doing good work to solve that problem in the long run, but can`t something be done in the meantime, such as disenfranchising or deporting about a 100,000,000 white citizens right now?