The Asian Nations—The Multiculti Experiment's Control Group
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Several readers have emailed me this CNN story from yesterday:
By 2012, as many as 100,000 Sub-Saharan Africans had flocked to Guangzhou, according to Professor Adams Bodomo's book "Africans in China"—if true, it would have been the largest African expat community in Asia—all chasing the same dream of getting rich in China.

Today, that dream is fading—if not finished.

Over the past 18 months, although concrete numbers are hard to come by, hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of Africans are believed by locals and researchers to have exited Guangzhou.

A dollar drought in oil-dependent West African nations, coupled with China's hostile immigration policies, widespread racism, and at-once slowing and maturing economy, means Guangzhou is losing its competitive edge.  [The African migrants giving up on the Chinese dream by Jenni Marsh; CNN, June 26th 2016.]

Taking the long view, the multiculturalism that is now state ideology in First World white countries (Diversity is our strength!)  is an experiment—one of those experiments in which some procedure is applied to a test group but not to a control group.  The subsequent trajectories of the two groups are then compared.

The control group for the multicultural experiment is the East Asian nations—China, Japan, Korea—who seem stubbornly uninterested in importing millions of people from other races and cultures even as their own populations go into numerical decline.

The multiculti Narrative predicts that these nations, with their low fertility rates and restrictive immigration policies, will sink into stagnant gerontocracy, while nations that have embraced multiculturalism will surge ahead in a ferment of creative vitality, fueled by the vibrant, enriching diversity they have imported.

An alternative possibility is that East Asians will weather the demographic transition and cultivate creative prosperity in a harmonious monocultural society, while the test-group nations degenerate into cauldrons of tribal bickering and racial resentment.

Which thing will actually happen?  I guess we'll find out.

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