The Army Didn't Want To Appear Too "Anti-Muslim"
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The Fort Hood shooter was not as assimilated to American values as the protectors of diversity would have you believe.

U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

It is not known whether the intelligence agencies informed the Army that one of its officers was seeking to connect with suspected al Qaeda figures, the officials said.

Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI), the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said that he requested the CIA and other intelligence agencies brief the committee on what was known, if anything, about Hasan by the U.S. intelligence community, only to be refused.

In response, Hoekstra issued a document preservation request to four intelligence agencies. The letter, dated November 7th, was sent to directors Dennis Blair (DNI), Robert Mueller (FBI), Lt. Gen Keith Alexander (NSA) and Leon Panetta (CIA).

Hoekstra said he is "absolutely furious" that the house intel committee has been refused an intelligence briefing by the DNI or CIA on Hasan's attempt to reach out to al Qaeda, as first reported by ABC News.

"This is a law enforcement investigation, in which other agencies—not the CIA—have the lead," CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano said in a response to ABC News. " Any suggestion that the CIA refused to brief Congress is incorrect." [Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al Qaeda,November 9, 2009 ]

How curious that information about Hasan's fondness for terrorism is being squelched.

Another item of jihadist evidence is the card which Hasan handed out along with Korans (reported by Atlas): It reads SoA under his name, meaning "Soldier of Allah."

Furthermore, the feigned shock of the Army that Muslims in the American military would go jihad is belied by the list from WND noting "At least a dozen other Muslim soldiers have been convicted of terrorism or espionage since 9/11." If the military doesn't think there is a Muslim terrorist problem in its ranks, then it is not paying attention or is in serious denial.

  • NAVY SIGNALMAN HASSAN ABUJIHAAD last year was convicted of tipping off al-Qaida to battlegroup movements in the Persian Gulf, including disclosing classified documents detailing the group's vulnerability to terror attack
  • ARMY RESERVIST JEFFREY LEON BATTLE in 2003 pleaded guilty to conspiring to wage war against the U.S., confessing he enlisted "to receive military training to use against America"
  • ARMY RESERVIST SEMI OSMAN in 2002 was arrested for providing material support to al-Qaida and pleaded guilty to weapons charges after agreeing to testify against other terror suspects
  • MARINE ABDUL RAHEEM AL-ARSHAD ALI trained at a suspected al-Qaida camp and was charged with selling a semiautomatic handgun to Osman
  • ARMY SGT. ALI "THE AMERICAN" MOHAMED trained Green Berets at the elite Swick warfare school at Fort Bragg before stealing classified military secrets for al-Qaida and helping plan the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa
  • ARMY SGT. HAMMAD ABDUR-RAHEEM in 2004 was convicted of terror-related charges
  • ARMY SPC. RYAN G. ANDERSON in 2004 was convicted of leaking military intelligence to al-Qaida terrorists, including sensitive information about the vulnerabilities of armored Humvees
  • ARMY SNIPER JOHN ALLEN MUHAMMAD was sentenced to death after fatally shooting 10 in the nation's capital a year after the 9/11 attacks
  • FORMER ARMY LINGUIST AHMED FATHY MEHALBA in 2005 was convicted of stealing secret documents listing, among other things, the names of al-Qaida detainees from Gitmo
  • SENIOR AIRMAN AHMAD AL-HALABI in 2004 was convicted of mishandling classified documents as an Arabic linguist at Gitmo
  • ARMY CAPT. JAMES "YOUSEF" YEE in 2003 was formally charged with mishandling classified information — including maps of a new Gitmo facility — as a Muslim chaplain at Gitmo.

Furthermore, (known for keeping count of deaths at the hands of jihadist Muslims) notes that the Sons of Allah are winning in terms of killing infidels. Only one death can be chalked up to "backlash" and that was immediately after 9/11.

  • People killed by radical Muslims on 9/11: 2,996
  • Muslim-Americans killed "in revenge": 1

Army Didn't Want To Appear Too "Anti-Muslim", Hasan Had Links To Hijackers.

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