The Appalling Case of Frank Borzellieri
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My column at Taki’s Magazine this week deals with the appalling case of Frank Borzellieri.

Thus Frank embarked on his serious career as a Catholic educator with a long paper trail behind him.  A colleague brought that paper trail to the attention of Frank’s superiors at the school where he was teaching in 2007.  Those superiors—the school’s Principal and Pastor—asked the Censor Librorum of the Archdiocese (this guy) to review Frank’s writings for doctrinal error.  None was found, so Frank’s contract was renewed.

At this point you might be thinking that it would be a good idea if Conservatism, Inc. were to appoint a Censor Librorum of their own to certify contributors’ freelance writings or Ph.D. dissertations as doctrinally pure.  They’d save themselves a lot of trouble, right?

Not necessarily . . .

Read the whole thing at Taki’s Magazine.

Incidentally, if you want to check my recent work—not just on, but anywhere I’m posting or writing—I keep an up-to-date list at the “Last 20” page on my website.  It only includes stand-and-deliver commissioned columns, though (“arias”), not mere blog posts (“recitative”).

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