The American Media Is Concerned About Violent Illegal Immigrants` Impact ... On Mexico!
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From the Chicago Tribune:

Home countries frustrated as U.S. deports criminals Influx creates challenges for residents, civic groups

JUAREZ, Mexico – When he crossed illegally into the U.S. in 2002, Cesar Sanchez didn't plan on stabbing a girlfriend's estranged husband eight times.

Yet there he was, a convicted murderer dropped at the Texas border last month–one less worry for U.S. officials but a source of concern for the cities in Central America receiving thousands of freed convicts.

"I crossed like so many others; for a dream," said Sanchez, 25, wondering how he'd make it back to his family in Veracruz. "And, then ..."

U.S. Immigration officials are escalating efforts to put some 450,000 illegal immigrants serving prison time in the U.S. on planes back home. In 2008, about 113,000 such convicts were deported.

Perhaps the establishment press should have been more concerned about criminally-inclined foreigners coming to this country in the first place.
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