That's Reprllent! Harvey Weinstein Sicced Ex-Mossad Squad Black Cube on John Podhoretz
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In more evidence of the onrushing Sailer singularity, from the Daily Mail on the Mossad Squad:
EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein’s ORIGINAL contract with ex-Mossad agents ordered them to prove he was the victim of a ‘negative campaign’ in what was dubbed ‘Operation Parachute’ – spying on actresses, close friend designer Kenneth Cole and amfAR

Harvey Weinstein agreed to pay up to $1.3m to Black Cube, an Israeli intelligence firm, in his original October 2016 contract with the company

The disgraced movie mogul hired the firm to spy on his perceived enemies, including fashion designer Kenneth Cole, his close friend and amfAR chairman

The covert operation was known internally as ‘Operation Parachute’ …

Ajamie said Weinstein’s lawyers were ‘trying to harass’ him and people who may have been working for private investigators showed up at his house and office

Black Cube is run by former Israeli intelligence officers of Mossad, and Kroll, the biggest global corporate-intelligence firm

One corporate intelligence agent posed as a woman’s right activist to get actress Rose McGowan to discuss her claims and give her a draft of her memoir

According to documents, Weinstein was fixated on the idea that he was the victim of a ‘negative campaign’ orchestrated by his enemies

By Alana Goodman For PUBLISHED: 12:41 EST, 8 November 2017 | UPDATED: 18:59 EST, 8 November 2017

… Another target was Commentary magazine editor John Podhoretz, who had posted a comment on Twitter in 2015 about Weinstein’s rumored assault victims.

Way to go, JPod!

No wonder Commentary’s Hereditary Editor was a little touchy about my Weinstein Brothers joke last summer:


JPod says:

Screenshot 2017-11-09 00.44.06

Also from the Daily Mail:

The pretty blonde spy who duped Rose McGowan into meeting privately with her while working undercover for Harvey Weinstein is a 30-something-year-old Israeli military veteran named Stella Penn, the can exclusively reveal.

The operative at Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube – who bluffed her way into meetings with Rose McGowan and journalists while using the aliases ‘Diana Filip’ and ‘Anna’ – is a former member of the Israel Defense Forces and lives in Jaffa, Israel.

By the way, Harvey, if you’re reading this, I’ve got the perfect title for your comeback property: Mossad Squad. Three sexy young ex-Mossad undercover operatives travel the world collecting dirt on the world’s arch-nemesis, John Podhoretz. What do you say, Harvey Baby?

Okay, okay, we’ll upgrade the villain, but you get the idea.

Here, I made a trailer for you of Mossad Squad:

Also from the Daily Mail:

Elizabeth Avellan with ex-Robert Rodriguez, who left her to begin a relationship with McGowan, says a reporter contacted her and pressed her for dirt on McGowan
I can’t remember if I ever met Elizabeth Avellan: she started at Rice U. when I was maybe a junior or senior. But I recall her from the class notes in the Rice alumni magazine because she wrote in to every issue to give us an update on the exciting stuff she was working on with her very creative husband, a guy named Robert Rodriguez.

One time they were scraping together $7,000 so her hubby could direct a movie called El Mariachi. Then they were making Desperado with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. And so forth. It was quite charming. She took every chance she could find to promote her husband’s career, even the Rice alum magazine, and she was obviously very proud of him.

So as a loyal Rice alum I was kind of sore about the Rose McGowan news. And Rose doesn’t even look like Rose McGowan all that much anymore due to a car crash and the plastic surgeons not quite getting her likeness back.

On the other hand, Robert Rodriguez, unlike his pal Quentin Tarantino, appears to be impervious to age. I hear that the reason he doesn’t age is because in his mansion he has a secret chamber containing a portrait of his buddy Quentin. Robert doesn’t get any older, but every year Quentin ages two years.

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