That's "Anecdotes"—Dallas Morning News Thinks We Don't Have The Facts
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Macarena Hernandez, [send her mail] writes in the Dallas Morning News blog

Rod’s reader wrote: “I believe that reader Zachary’s complaint about the Yolanda series is that it is something we see over and over again on the pages of the DMN. They are what are often term[ed] “illegal alien sob stories” and consist of stories of the type: illegals and diabetes, illegals and coyotes, illegals and workplace safety, illegals and poor housing, illegals and family separation, and, now, illegals and sexual abuse. Always the stories take a single individual and ignore the wider social issues

Reader Eugene: This is the “they use antidotes [sic]and we look at the big picture” propaganda we constantly hear for the likes of Michelle Malkin, V-Dare writers and others in the forefront of the efforts to limit immigration. The problem is that that is exactly what they do. They will give the example of the one bad guy who got in through the [Diversity Visa]lottery as the reason why the DV lottery must be abolished. They tell the stories of an illegal alien with extensive criminal activity and they conclude all illegals are vicious criminals.The Dallas Morning News | Re: Credibility

No, while we repeat stories that are deliberately underplayed in the press, and mock the pro-illegal alien sob stories that come out on a regular basis from the MSM, we’re the ones with the actual figures. Check out National Data: Facts and Factoids On Immigrant Crime where Ed Rubenstein answered Linda Chavez, who had made basically the same accusation, except for saying factoids instead of “antidotes. ” (Linda Chavez can spell “anecdote.”)

The Diversity Visa is a bad thing in itself, since it starts random chains of chain migration in places where there hadn’t been immigration to the US before. Oddly enough, it was first thought up by Teddy Kennedy, in order to bring more white people, (in this case Irishmen) to the United States.

Later, Ms. Hernandez refers “Caucasians” who have been hired to and suggests that

Also, just because some of the 522 lost workers in Grand Island, Neb. and Greeley, Colo. have been replaced by some Caucasians doesn't mean there is not a shortage of workers. Review the situation in a few months as see a) how many of those Caucasian workers are still there and b) if the company has been able to fill the other vacancies.

This is a basic misunderstanding of the economics involved in low-wage, dirty jobs. If you have a bad job, for low wages, you’re supposed to have unreliable employees and high turnover. If you want low turnover, you need to have higher wages and better working conditions. But see, from, I suppose, the “Caucasian” point of view, this article from Nebraska:

NE - Guess Who Is Hiring Americans Who Happen To Be White?


December 20, 2006

Some of the jobs Americans purportedly “won’t do” have apparently been getting more popular among white people who are doing them these days - but for better money than the illegal immigrants they replaced.

And finally, she calls on libertarian economists to exorcise the evil spell apparently cast on “Crunchy Con” Rod Dreher by Russell Kirk and Richard Weaver:

Oh, and for Christmas, would someone please buy Rod Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman and for good measure throw in Human Action by Ludwig von Mises. Maybe this will help him balance all his Kirk and Weaver writings.

Those are all extremely good books, but there has to be a functioning country for libertarian economics to work in. So far, the country north of the Rio Grande works pretty good, the one to the south not so much.

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