Thanks, VDARE friends;Ask: Why are imported Olympic winners good for US?
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Many thanks to several amazingly energetic readers who, after my appeal in Olympics: We need fewer medals — and more Americans for the email of US men’s track coach and Treason Lobby mouthpiece Bubba Thornton responded while I was eating dinner with the goods: [email protected]

I am very impressed. Right from the beginning of it has been obvious that huge amounts of amateur talent is out there, thirsting to write on our key issues. Now I see that there is research capability too: less ego-gratifying for the contributors, but frankly just as valuable. (If only we had the resources to encourage them!)

This I suppose the impulse which has built Wikipedia.

Our occasional correspondent John Derbyshire has christened this ”Blegging”. I myself feel it deserves a more honorable name: it is a community rallying to a cause.

So, once again, thanks to those who helped us. ”Bubba” Thornton needs to be told that for every African imported to win Olympic medals, a native born American (most likely black) is rejected. He needs to explain: why is this good for American Society? Also, Randy Capps of the "Urban Institute" needs to explain why discouraging American athletes is such a good idea.

email Bubba Thornton

email Randy Capps

Thank you, friends.

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