Thank you Hank Johnson
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July 21, 2006, 08:57 PM
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Hank Johnson recently force Cynthia McKinney into a runoff election for her congressional seat. Now the thing is Johnson has already done VDARE.COM readers a huge favor. He`s helped cause Ms. McKinney to miss congressional votes. The one redeeming feature of Ms Mckinney`s immigration policy is her moderation on the issue of H-1b/L-1 compared to ultra-radicals like McCain and Kennedy. So just by keeping Ms. McKinney occupied elsewhere Mr. Johnson has done a substantial service to VDARE.COM readers position.

It isn`t obvious to me from reading his web site what Johnson`s position might be on immigration(I`ve written him and pointed to some of my own articles). Johnson is making increasing jobs for his constituents a centerpiece of his campaign. The simple fact is that US immigration policy is making things harder for African American workers-who often compete in labor markets against recent immigrants. It is unlikely that Mr. Johnson can deliver on his promises unless immigration policy is seriously reformed.

I sincerely hope that Hank Johnson adopts at least a more moderate immigration stand that Ms. Kinney-perhaps one more inspired by that of Barbara Jordon or A Phillip Randolph-and proceeds to win a seat in congress.

It remains to be seen if that will happen-in the meantime, thank you Hank Johnson for what you have done so far.