THANK YOU! 25% of our goal on day one. Help keep it up!
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Click here to help us reach our year-end goal!

I’m beyond grateful to everyone who stepped forward to kick off’s Year End Appeal! It was a huge success on several levels:

  • Host our first fully produced livestream from the VDARE’s Berkeley Springs Castle? YES!
  • Tour the Castle by the magic of video, providing you with a long-awaited look into our grand new venue? YES!
  • Meeting our matching challenge and TWO stretch goals? YES YES YES!

Due entirely to your generosity we are 25% done with our goal and it’s only day 2 of a month long appeal. That’s a real achievement! Now we just have to keep up the momentum.

If you didn’t catch the stream last night, or you just can’t get enough of Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire brandishing swords in a historic stone castle in West Virginia, you can watch the recording of our livestream here.

We have a lot more in store for you during this Year End Appeal, including a very special announcement coming out this Friday – so stay tuned!

There is so much to celebrate this year: the 400th anniversary of Mayflower Compact, the finale of’s own 20th anniversary year, and the victory that the Berkeley Springs Castle represents against those who wish to silence patriotic voices in America.

But ultimately, this is about you, our readers, America’s patriots. may be the voice of the historic American nation, but we are only the voice. The community is the body. And we’re getting stronger every day.

Help us reach our final goal—let’s keep up this incredible momentum. Please give your most generous donation now!

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