Texas Taxpayers Pay To Treat Juarez Wounded
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This is what happens when your country is located next door to a crackhouse.
EL PASO — Nearly 50 people wounded in Ju??rez in 2008 received medical care at Thomason Hospital and racked up medical bills totaling about $1.4 million, hospital officials said.

Thomason Hospital spokeswoman Margaret Althoff-Olivas said as of Dec. 9, the hospital had been paid about $508,000 of the $1.4 million, and additional payments of $655,875 were anticipated from insurance companies and patients.

"The vast majority have been multiple gunshot wounds," she said. "A couple of the individuals have been stabbed and some were the result of physical assault." [$1.4M is cost to treat Ju??rez's wounded,By Erica Molina Johnson, El Paso Times, December 15, 2008]

I suspect the hospital is dreaming to think it will be paid for most of the treatment it provided. What do they care — there's always Uncle Sucker and the unwilling taxpayer.

Speaking of which, here's more about what the Texas taxpayer is forced to bear: Study: Illegal immigrants' care costs state $677 million.

AUSTIN – The state of Texas and local hospital districts spent an estimated $677 million to provide health care to illegal immigrants in a year, a new study says.

The survey, issued by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, said that most of the money – $597 million – was spent by local hospital districts for the immigrants' care during the state's fiscal year that ended on Aug. 31, 2006.

Lawmakers from both parties said they were not surprised by the millions spent and expressed hope that the report, required by the 2007 Legislature, will help prompt Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Brilliant! Make the deadbeats into citizens so they can freeload even more—that's the only solution the liberal media can imagine.
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