Testing99's Insight
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T.K. Farrow wrote:
On Monday, the daily presidential tracking poll for Rasmussen Reports showed that Barack Obama no longer has the job performance approval of a majority of Americans. His overall approval rating was down to an even 50 percent. Released on the same day was a [1] demographic breakdown of that rating: only 41 percent of white Americans approve of the job he’s doing, while 97 percent of blacks approve and 58 percent of all other ethnicities combined approve.
And it hasn't gotten better since.

I think Testing99 has been making a good point in comments about the unfolding political dynamics: Obama's racialism, as demonstrated in Gatesgate, would be okay if he were President of Switzerland, where the President has little power, or President of the U.S. in the 1920s with its minimalist agenda. Yet, as Obama aggressively tries to take control over huge parts of American life through health care and the carbon police, suspicions inevitably arise about the, shall we say, disparate impact of the fine print. For example, the health care legislation appears to mandate racial quotas for medical schools. More generally, there's just a lot of fine print that can be manipulated for Who? Whom? purposes.

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